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Snowflake pearl charm hoops

Snowflake pearl charm hoops

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These hoops feature a unique baroque pearl pendant, carefully selected for its distinctive and irregular shape, adding a touch of natural charm to your look. The mesmerizing pearls dangle beautifully, gracefully elongating your neck and creating a striking visual effect. As each pearl is one-of-a-kind, your earrings will be truly unique, making them a cherished and special addition to your jewelry collection.

*Please browse through all product images for a more accurate representation of the jewelry's shape, color, and details, as some photos may be taken on a slight angle and different lightings.

*Please note that each pearl is unique, as the pearl may differ in shape, adding a special charm to every piece.


Hoops: 18k gold filled
Charm: Keshi freshwater pearl


Hoop diameter: 15mm
Pearl size: size varies, approximately 5mm to 8mm width and 17mm to 22mm height

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