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Stacy pearl charm hoops

Stacy pearl charm hoops

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These hoop earrings feature a playful arrangement of three small pearls stacked together, adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your look. Crafted with precision, the length of these earrings creates a chic and effortless movement.

*Please note that the image of the jewelry is captured from a slight angle at the bottom. Due to this perspective, the object may appear slightly shorter or smaller than its actual size. Rest assured, the beauty and elegance of the product remain uncompromised.

*Please note that each beaded product is unique, as the beads may differ in shape and color, adding a special charm to every piece.


Hoop: 18k gold filled
Pendant: freshwater pearl


Hoop diameter: 15mm
Pendant length: size varies; approximately 14-18mm

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